Heavily beaded, sequined, stoned, or feathered outfits may not require any jewellery at all. But you could get away with a small neutral jewellery piece. So, anything more than the simple with this type of attire will make you look very tacky or overdressed.

Feel free to layer your necklaces if you are wearing an extremely low or plunging V neckline, or a turtleneck. You could also wear multi row necklaces.

If the neckline though is well embellished, I probably would suggest just a pair of small earrings and extremely attractive bangles. You would not want your necklace or earrings to clash or rub against the embellishment on the neckline.


Being creative with what you have is the key!

Long chains or beads can be worn around the neck in different ways. Big rings can be worn on neck chains as pendants. Small, lightweight rings can be added to hoop earrings. Chains and beads can be used together. Beaded necklaces and bracelets can be clipped together to make one long necklace.

Create your own style!


 I am sure you will have plenty of creative ways to use your jewellery once you think about it.


Even when there is a new type of jewellery or trend introduced into the market there is one trend that never really fades away and that is your Bead Jewellery.

Not everyone wears bead jewellery, but you might love beads but do not really wear them because you are not sure how to add them to your outfits.

Bead jewellery adds so much colour and flare to an outfit when used correctly but according to your own style.

Tips to Wearing Beaded Necklaces in a stylish manner:

Everyone should have her own unique style of dressing, where you will choose jewellery pieces that you can confidently carry and comfortably wear with confidence. The possibilities with bead jewellery thus are endless. A very versatile trend indeed.

  1. Length:

Bead necklaces are available in different lengths which helps conform to a variety of different trends. You can wear long bead necklaces with dresses, jeans and virtually anything. Short bead necklaces like pearls can be worn with suits, evening dresses and the like.

2. Colour:

 One of the best reasons for using bead jewellery is the range of colours available. Beads made of glass, wood, plastic, crystal, material, metal etc can be found in so many different colours and hues that you can match or compliment any outfit you may have.

You have colours that suit every season. Colours that you can use to brighten those winter months or yellow hues for spring etc. Even metal beads for contemporary pieces on your jeans etc. There is a colour to match everyone’s mood.

3. Size, Shape and Weight:

Beads vary in size, shape and weight which matter when shopping for beaded jewellery. Remember I said you all have your unique style but (although this is not set in stone)Large beads are good for Boisterous personalities or sometimes to create what is known as Statement Jewellery while small beads are considered delicate or more feminine in nature. Small beads can also be used in layered necklaces with other jewellery to create another effect. Smaller beads are also used to keep large gemstones apart so that they do not grind against each other. You must take into consideration the style of the item and type of bead used as this will have a bearing on the overall weight. A two-row necklace in large semiprecious bead stones may be too heavy for some to wear, but One row may be just the right weight.

 Many beaded necklaces have different parts to them, thus making the piece textured and not just a necklace of round beads. A necklace may incorporate different shapes of beads and gemstones which make for a highly creative piece.

4. Cost:

A good range of different materials e.g. plastic to gemstones are used to make beads which will reflect in the price of each item. This means that the more quality beads like semi-precious bead stones could be more expensive than plastic beads. So, there are various price points for the customers looking for bead jewellery.

Using these tips, I believe you can use your bead jewellery to create your own unique style of dressing up your outfit.


Lucy xx

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