What is Beaded Jewellery?

Have you ever wondered what beaded jewellery is? Chances are, you’re familiar with some kind of beaded jewellery. You might own a bracelet, earrings or a necklace made from beads and thread. Maybe you have even worn an exotic necklace made from precious stones.

The word beaded jewellery describes making various types of adornments made using a material that is made into a bead. Beads are often used to create freeform jewellery styles, as they can easily be strung together and come in a number of shapes and sizes. More often than not, Beaded jewellery features many different beads, sequins, metal and other pieces of jewellery. Materials used are generally precious stone beads, which are strung together to create necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other forms of adornments. The different types of beads and stones can represent something unique about the person wearing them. For example, some beaded jewellery can be made from agate, which is thought to represent strength; emeralds are thought to represent youthfulness, sparkle and vitality; onyxes are known to give protection against the powers of evil; diamonds are symbols of purity and love; pearls are said to exhibit beauty and elegance.

When it comes to jewellery, beaded jewellery makes for an excellent investment. It is a unique style and can be passed down from generation. Examples of precious stones used in making beaded jewellery are turquoise, lapis, gemstones, coins, bones, glass, metals, shells, clay, agate, moonstone, carnelian and more. Not only does it appear in antique markets that date back to the twelve century, but there are also examples of Egyptian, African and Greek culture using beads and stone as a medium of adornment. You can make beaded jewellery from various materials:

Loyatobs Creations breaks down what beaded jewellery means.
What is beaded jewellery?

So what are they?

Beaded jewellery is the ultimate fashion accessory you can wear to add sophistication to your personality. It adds a lot of glamour and beauty to your attire. To make the beads into jewellery, they must have at least one hole for threading or stringing them together on some form of wire or thread.

Beaded Jewellery can be an item of adornment made with only beads or a mixture of beads and a form of metal.

Loyatobs Creations

Whether it is a famous fashion statement trend or in various religious ceremonies and other functions, beaded jewellery is widely used. Beaded jewellery is a unique type of jewellery; It is made with care, precision and patience.

I hope you enjoyed reading this beginner’s guide to beaded jewellery. Use the comment section to share your views; I look forward to reading your thoughts.


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