This is the birthstone for January and gemstone for 2nd wedding Anniversary.

The name Garnet refers to a variety of gemstones. The word comes from the Latin word granatus which means containing many seeds like the pomegranate.  They are gemstones of closely related minerals and they come in a variety of colours from red, green, yellow and orange but Red Garnets are the most popular.

Using Garnet in jewellery is good as garnets are very hard and resistant to wear and tear. It has been used in jewellery making from ancient times.

Garnet has the associated spiritual qualities that symbolize happiness as well as consistency and loyalty. It is believed to protect against evil, mental insanity. The gemstone is also said to bring fame and wealth to the wearer.

Garnet is loved for its beauty and brilliance, naturalness, and colour. Deep green garnets are the rarest and are therefore very expensive. Emerald green and colourless garnet is next rarest, followed by pure red.

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