New jewellery trends emerge each year and those who like to keep up with the fashion trend at hand tend to accessorize themselves according to these trends. But following these trends just to feel you fit in can be an expensive venture. As these trends are put forward mostly by consumer-based fashion giants i.e. fast fashion giants

In my reading various write ups on fashion and jewellery trends I came across this statement which I feel is the real bane of my beading business:

“Think about how the piece makes you feel,” Rebecca Zeijdel-Paz, the designer of Beck Jewels, tells The Zoe Report. “As you grow, will you continue to find it interesting? Will it become part of your life story? These are such personal purchases that will be with you forever, you want to make sure to choose them for the right reasons.”

So, don’t choose jewellery pieces for the sake of the trend at the moment as they may soon be out of fashion. Purchase for your personal preference which may take you to items that will have quality instead of quantity.

On the flip side of this train of thought though, is the fact that there is really nothing wrong with going along with a trend if you have the jewellery at hand. All  ‘new’ jewellery trends would most likely have been popular in the past. Jewellery trends evolve and repeat themselves in one form or the other.

According to trend write ups 2023 jewellery will see more and some of the following:

  • Less conventional colour combinations
  • Chunky Jewellery
  • More everyday wear jewellery with gemstones
  • Oversized pearls
  • Darker gemstones
  • Jewellery around different Birthstones
  • Colourful statement pieces
  • Pendant necklaces

Source: ttps://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/article/jewellery-trends-2023

What will be the 2023 trends in LOYATOBS CREATIONS?

I intend to make my bead creations around all the following themes:

  • Unique colour combination bead jewellery
  • Chunky Jewellery
  • Bead jewellery that can suits all occasions
  • Oversized pearls
  • Darker bead stones that will mix easily with other jewellery
  • Multi coloured bead jewellery
  • Jewellery around Birthstones
  • Colourful statement pieces
  • Pendant necklace sets.

Naming my Collections:

I love the beauty, boldness, colour, and fragrance of flowers and name my creations after them.


SPRING (March-June)

I named the Spring collection after the dainty and colourful Primrose Flower (Sometimes known as the Fairy Flower). The most common bloom is pale yellow with lovely fresh green leaves. But over the years the Primrose flower has been cultivated to flower in a variety of colours including purple red and pink etc.

The Primrose flower is one of the first bunch of flowers to bloom in Spring giving us all a burst of hope and happiness after the drab  winter months. I can best describe the fragrance it gives off as  the smell of ‘Spring’.

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Loyatobs Creations is based in the United Kingdom. We focus on creating high quality, exceptionally unique, beaded jewellery and novelty items for you. Our creations are designed with individuality in mind and as such they are all considered as Limited Editions. There are a variety of designs and items to choose from which we hope you will love.

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