How to Measure yourself when buying or ordering Jewellery. Part 2

Different Necklace lengths and Names.

It is useful to have an idea of what constitutes a particular necklace Style as there are categories to which a necklace lengths fall into. Mind you, the measurements are variable by a few inches as sizing may differ from person to person, but these measurements are a general guide.

Having this in mind helps when deciding what style would fit a particular neckline.

Choker style necklace fits snugly on the neck.

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This style necklace is as it states. It is a perfect fit round the middle of the neck.

Collar Style necklace measures sits at the base of the neck, just on the collar bone, like a shirt or blouse collar.

Princess Style necklace sits just above the breast.

Matinee Style necklace goes up to 24 inches and sits between the top of the bust and  the middle of the bust. It is a very popular necklace length

Opera style necklace goes up to 30” and sits at the bottom of the rib cage

Rope/Lariat style necklace can go up to 45 inches. Anything longer than the opera style length is considered a rope style necklace.

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