How to Measure yourself when buying or ordering Jewellery: Part 1

Do you want to buy or order a necklace, bead necklace, bracelet or ring and you are not sure which size or length to buy or order?

Here are several ways to arrive at your preferred length:

It is important to take into consideration these factors when measuring for a necklace:

  1. Do you always prefer to wear your favourite length?
  2. The design of the necklace itself- single or multiple rows
  3. Where would you want it to sit?
  4. Will you prefer to have an extender on the necklace so you can use it at multiple lengths
  5. The style of attire/neckline you will be wearing
  6. How to consider the different measurement lengths available as against your choice.

Necklace Measuring Methods

  1. If you already have a necklace that you wear consistently because you like the way it fits you, then your measurement is easy to find. Stretch the necklace straight on a flat surface and measure the length from end to end, using a ruler or tape measure.
  • Put a piece of string around your neck and drape it the way you would wear your necklace or
  • The way it would hang with a centre piece from it
  • Hold the piece of string where you would want it to sit on your chest
  • Always remember though that a centre piece would sit below this so do not include that drop in the necklace measurement
  • In a multi row necklace, your consideration for measurement is only on the first row of the necklace.
  • Cut the string or mark where the ends meet and lay straight on a flat surface to measure.
  • Instead of putting a piece of string round your neck to measure, you could use the tape measure itself.

The above would give you your own preferred measurement.

Loyatobs necklace measurements are always unfinished at 16.5 inches. Once they are purchased, they are completed at the measurement agreed to by the customer. It might be the original length of 16,.5inches or an amended length sent in by the customer.

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