Bracelets and Bangle Shopping: How To Measure for Your Size?

Shopping online is a breeze for most people but is it so for jewelry items, especially for bangles or bracelets ? Do you have to physically try the item on before purchasing because you don’t know what size to order online? Have you missed out on bargains or items you would like to own simplyContinue reading “Bracelets and Bangle Shopping: How To Measure for Your Size?”

Bracelets and Bangles: What’s the difference?

Many of us use these terms loosely thinking they may mean the same thing , but lets have a look at the general meaning of both: Bangles They are usually Solid Circles. Exactly what the name describes. You can also have Split Bangles which are not a complete circle. The word Bangle originates from theContinue reading “Bracelets and Bangles: What’s the difference?”