Marigold Summer Collection; Bracelets, Earrings, & Anklets

Jenny Clark, head of colour, WGSN ( a trend forecasting company), says the season’s shades are “driven by a desire to be uplifted and energized while staying grounded and balanced.” The resulting top five colours “will either ground or entice us with their delicious and textural charm.” The essential Spring 2022 hues are an electrifying pink, a yellowish orange, a calming blue, a plant-based green and a creamy shade of butter.

The following colours were mentioned for 2022 during the New York Fashion week: sweet pale pastels shades, a vibrant yellow, a hot pink, a fiery red, and deep purple and tranquil hues. I love the beauty, boldness, colour and fragrance of flowers and named my collections after them. I intend to bring these attributes and colours to my collections while also considering the colour trend for 2022.

My Marigold collection was inspired by sunny summer days. These pieces are lovely to wear with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but also pretty enough to wear with evening attire. My colour palette includes the orange and yellow shades from the marigold flower, which I love for their brightness and contrast. The blue shades offer a nice contrast to the coloured pieces. Gold is used for a solid contrast against both.

I designed the Marigold collection for the holiday season, but it can be worn all year. I wanted to create pieces that were simple and easy to wear. I am not into ‘wearing fussy jewellery.’ I love bold, colourful bracelets that have a bit of bling-bling. The Summer collection is just that – colourful, bright and fun. It is also light enough to wear during the hot summer months and has a sparkle.

To summarise the collection, I want to make jewellery that brings a smile to people’s faces and makes them feel wonderful and happy. I hope my designs capture the hearts of people from all walks of life and are wearable.




Marigold Collection

Esther’s Page

A little background to Esther’s Page.

A group of children (my granddaughters inclusive) have been talking about how to give to children who may lack in one way or another and decided to find a way to raise funds for their dream.

As they are all in school, they do learn how to bead when they are free. or on holidays and as such decided to sell products they design or create and want to give out of the proceeds as as a charitable contribution.

I felt this is a laudable project and to encourage them set up this page.

The medley of products are their own theme and design. Some are made by them and some are given to loyatobs creations to complete since they are all in school.

This first set have the Beautiful Butterfly as the theme. We do hope you help them in there quest.

Thank you.


What is Beaded Jewellery?

Have you ever wondered what beaded jewellery is? Chances are, you’re familiar with some kind of beaded jewellery. You might own a bracelet, earrings or a necklace made from beads and thread. Maybe you have even worn an exotic necklace made from precious stones.

The word beaded jewellery describes making various types of adornments made using a material that is made into a bead. Beads are often used to create freeform jewellery styles, as they can easily be strung together and come in a number of shapes and sizes. More often than not, Beaded jewellery features many different beads, sequins, metal and other pieces of jewellery. Materials used are generally precious stone beads, which are strung together to create necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other forms of adornments. The different types of beads and stones can represent something unique about the person wearing them. For example, some beaded jewellery can be made from agate, which is thought to represent strength; emeralds are thought to represent youthfulness, sparkle and vitality; onyxes are known to give protection against the powers of evil; diamonds are symbols of purity and love; pearls are said to exhibit beauty and elegance.

When it comes to jewellery, beaded jewellery makes for an excellent investment. It is a unique style and can be passed down from generation. Examples of precious stones used in making beaded jewellery are turquoise, lapis, gemstones, coins, bones, glass, metals, shells, clay, agate, moonstone, carnelian and more. Not only does it appear in antique markets that date back to the twelve century, but there are also examples of Egyptian, African and Greek culture using beads and stone as a medium of adornment. You can make beaded jewellery from various materials:

Loyatobs Creations breaks down what beaded jewellery means.
What is beaded jewellery?

So what are they?

Beaded jewellery is the ultimate fashion accessory you can wear to add sophistication to your personality. It adds a lot of glamour and beauty to your attire. To make the beads into jewellery, they must have at least one hole for threading or stringing them together on some form of wire or thread.

Beaded Jewellery can be an item of adornment made with only beads or a mixture of beads and a form of metal.

Loyatobs Creations

Whether it is a famous fashion statement trend or in various religious ceremonies and other functions, beaded jewellery is widely used. Beaded jewellery is a unique type of jewellery; It is made with care, precision and patience.

I hope you enjoyed reading this beginner’s guide to beaded jewellery. Use the comment section to share your views; I look forward to reading your thoughts.


More information

Visit our youtube channel to find out more about beads and semi-precious stones.

What are beads? beginner-friendly guide

What are semi-precious stone beads?

Types of semi-precious stones

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Heavily beaded, sequined, stoned, or feathered outfits may not require any jewellery at all. But you could get away with a small neutral jewellery piece. So, anything more than the simple with this type of attire will make you look very tacky or overdressed.

Feel free to layer your necklaces if you are wearing an extremely low or plunging V neckline, or a turtleneck. You could also wear multi row necklaces.

If the neckline though is well embellished, I probably would suggest just a pair of small earrings and extremely attractive bangles. You would not want your necklace or earrings to clash or rub against the embellishment on the neckline.


Being creative with what you have is the key!

Long chains or beads can be worn around the neck in different ways. Big rings can be worn on neck chains as pendants. Small, lightweight rings can be added to hoop earrings. Chains and beads can be used together. Beaded necklaces and bracelets can be clipped together to make one long necklace.

Create your own style!


 I am sure you will have plenty of creative ways to use your jewellery once you think about it.


Even when there is a new type of jewellery or trend introduced into the market there is one trend that never really fades away and that is your Bead Jewellery.

Not everyone wears bead jewellery, but you might love beads but do not really wear them because you are not sure how to add them to your outfits.

Bead jewellery adds so much colour and flare to an outfit when used correctly but according to your own style.

Tips to Wearing Beaded Necklaces in a stylish manner:

Everyone should have her own unique style of dressing, where you will choose jewellery pieces that you can confidently carry and comfortably wear with confidence. The possibilities with bead jewellery thus are endless. A very versatile trend indeed.

  1. Length:

Bead necklaces are available in different lengths which helps conform to a variety of different trends. You can wear long bead necklaces with dresses, jeans and virtually anything. Short bead necklaces like pearls can be worn with suits, evening dresses and the like.

2. Colour:

 One of the best reasons for using bead jewellery is the range of colours available. Beads made of glass, wood, plastic, crystal, material, metal etc can be found in so many different colours and hues that you can match or compliment any outfit you may have.

You have colours that suit every season. Colours that you can use to brighten those winter months or yellow hues for spring etc. Even metal beads for contemporary pieces on your jeans etc. There is a colour to match everyone’s mood.

3. Size, Shape and Weight:

Beads vary in size, shape and weight which matter when shopping for beaded jewellery. Remember I said you all have your unique style but (although this is not set in stone)Large beads are good for Boisterous personalities or sometimes to create what is known as Statement Jewellery while small beads are considered delicate or more feminine in nature. Small beads can also be used in layered necklaces with other jewellery to create another effect. Smaller beads are also used to keep large gemstones apart so that they do not grind against each other. You must take into consideration the style of the item and type of bead used as this will have a bearing on the overall weight. A two-row necklace in large semiprecious bead stones may be too heavy for some to wear, but One row may be just the right weight.

 Many beaded necklaces have different parts to them, thus making the piece textured and not just a necklace of round beads. A necklace may incorporate different shapes of beads and gemstones which make for a highly creative piece.

4. Cost:

A good range of different materials e.g. plastic to gemstones are used to make beads which will reflect in the price of each item. This means that the more quality beads like semi-precious bead stones could be more expensive than plastic beads. So, there are various price points for the customers looking for bead jewellery.

Using these tips, I believe you can use your bead jewellery to create your own unique style of dressing up your outfit.


Lucy xx

Bracelets and Bangle Shopping: How To Measure for Your Size?

Shopping online is a breeze for most people but is it so for jewelry items, especially for bangles or bracelets ?

Do you have to physically try the item on before purchasing because you don’t know what size to order online?

Have you missed out on bargains or items you would like to own simply because you don’t know what to order?

Have you ever bought a bangle and on arrival you found it too small or hard to wear?

To make things easy and to buy a well fitted item you need to know as much information as possible about the item you are buying, your personal specifics and correct measurements.

This means you must be able to measure yourself for a bangle that you consider well fitted for your style.

Various methods to determine the size of bangles/bracelets are on the Internet.

The methods below can be used to determine your measurement if you want to buy a bangle/bracelet in general and specifically from LOYATOBS CREATIONS.

Bracelet Sizing

  1. Using a tape measure, piece of string, piece of ribbon or even a strip of paper and a ruler.
  2. Measure around the wrist or round where you would normally wear a bracelet.
  3. Mark or note where the ends meet, with no overlapping of the tape or other. If you used any material other than the tape measure you will need to then measure this length with a ruler.
  4. This would give you a fitted measure for those who dislike bracelets moving about on the wrist or arm. The measurement would be a fit inclusive of any clasps or openings in the bracelet.
  5. But you can Increase the wrist measurement in increments of 1/4 inch to give it a looser fit.
  6. Remember adding to the fitted measurement of your bracelet notwithstanding where you wear it on your arm will make it less fitted and prone to moving up and down your arm. So it could be well fitted/snug, comfortable/loose or very loose wherever you choose to wear them.
  7. You should develop your own style and therefore be comfortable with what you are wearing.

In the image the wrist measurement is 15cm/6inches for a snug fit on this part of the arm. This type of snug measurement will give you a tight fit open bangle or bracelet. The same effect will be for a snug measurement wherever you measure along the arm.

Bangle Sizing

These methods can be used to measure for closed bangles including LOYATOBS closed bangles unless otherwise stated.

  1. Hold your hand up as if you want to put on a bangle and tuck your thumb in towards your little finger.
  2. Measure around the hand at the widest point ( Knuckles) with a tape measure or other material. Your measurement should not be too tight. If you used a strip of paper or other mark the paper and measure it with a ruler. This is the circumference of your hand.
  3. Use the following chart ( Indian Bangle Chart) to determine the diameter of your hand, based on the circumference.
Bangle Size(Indian)Circumference InsCircumference Mm

In the image the measurement is 21 cm/210mm so according to the table the closed bangle size is either 2.8 if you don’t mind a little squeeze or 2-10 for free movement over the hand.

In the second method you can use a bangle that fits you perfectly, that you have already purchased or that you already own.

  1. Measure the inside diameter of the bangle.
  2. Use this chart to determine your size
Bangle Size(Indian)Diameter InsDiameter Mm

According to the above table:

The first image of an open bangle has a measurement of 5cm/50mm.

The second closed bangle (which will pass over the hand) measurement of 6cm/60mm will give you a size 2-6

The third image of a closed bangle (which will pass over the hand) has a measurement of 6.5cm/65mm will give you a size 2-10.

I hope this information helps you.

Happy shopping


Bracelets and Bangles: What’s the difference?

Many of us use these terms loosely thinking they may mean the same thing , but lets have a look at the general meaning of both:


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
  • They are usually Solid Circles. Exactly what the name describes.
  • You can also have Split Bangles which are not a complete circle.

The word Bangle originates from the Hindi word bangri, which means ring shaped anklet and it traces a long way back into history. Bangles can be made from different types of materials including bronze, copper, gold, silver and platinum as well as glass, rubber and plastic.

Bangles have been always been used as traditional pieces by women worldwide. Traditionally though they are usually made from solid gold.


The word bracelet comes from the French word brachialle, which translates to mean armlet. Bracelets are much more flexible and usually have a chain or strand(s) of some other material that is draped around the wrist and closed with a clasp.

Bracelets are flexible in design, unlike bangles which are more rigid. They can feature rows of beads, links, threads or other pieces that are linked together with some sort of clasp at each end. Bracelets can be made from silver, gold, platinum chains and other materials. You can make a bracelet in so many designs because of the flexibility you have in the design.


Lucy x