GARNET This is the birthstone for January and gemstone for 2nd wedding Anniversary. The name Garnet refers to a variety of gemstones. The word comes from the Latin word granatus which means containing many seeds like the pomegranate.  They are gemstones of closely related minerals and they come in a variety of colours from red,Continue reading “JANUARY BIRTHSTONE”

Marigold Summer Collection; Bracelets, Earrings, & Anklets

Jenny Clark, head of colour, WGSN ( a trend forecasting company), says the season’s shades are “driven by a desire to be uplifted and energized while staying grounded and balanced.” The resulting top five colours “will either ground or entice us with their delicious and textural charm.” The essential Spring 2022 hues are an electrifyingContinue reading “Marigold Summer Collection; Bracelets, Earrings, & Anklets”